Laser Hair Removal

Silky smooth beautifully bare skin with Allegro Motion - IPL.

Permanent hair reduction solution that is virtually painless with a built in chiller.   The ultimate hair removal solution.                               

WHY IPL Allegro

  • IPL Allegro hair removal, provides permanent hair reduction for unwanted facial and body hair. The most effective treatment for those who suffer excessive hair growth or just desire a smoother hair free result.
  • IPL Allegro aids in the reduction of unsightly and painful ingrowing hairs. IPL Allegro can remove long term ingrown hairs caused from waxing or shaving, and prevent new ingrown hairs from appearing.  
  • IPL Allegro is more cost effective & convenient than waxing in the long run.

Does It Give Permanent Results?

Yes! It will give you permanent hair reduction. Most hair will not grow back at all, whilst other hair may grow back thinner and lighter.

Does It Hurt?

    For most people there is virtually NO discomfort. The feeling of the treatment is varied from person to person. IPL Allegro is one of the most painless & effective IPL machines on the market. 

    Are There Any Side Effects?

      Typically most people experience nothing or a mild redness that usually subsides within a few hours after their treatment. We have a witch hazel gel which may be purchased to soothe & calm the area if required. Your therapist will consult with you to determine if you require any after care products.

      How Many Sessions Are Required?

        We recommend a course of 6-8 treatments initially and thereafter you may wish to have 1 or 2 top up treatments per year. Again this varied from person to person, and each area of the body treated will respond at different rates.

        Electrolysis or IPL Hair Removal?

        Helena’s Day Spa offers a variety of hair removal services. Waxing, tweezing, IPL and electrolysis. Often a combination of hair removal services works best. . Helena’s team of electrologists and IPL hair removal experts, will advise you as to which hair removal methods will be best suited to each area of concern

        1. The official FDA clearance for electrolysis is “PERMANENT HAIR REMOVAL” while for IPL hair removal is “PERMANENT HAIR REDUCTION”.

        2. In the very best of outcomes with IPL hair removal, there will be approximately 5% of hair left that will require electrolysis in order to be completely hair free.

        3. IPL hair removal is best suited to very dark hair on very fair skin. Dark skin types pose a degree of risk. IPL hair removal is often considered to be mainly for large body areas whereas electrolysis is mainly considered best for the face, smaller areas, and left over sparse hairs after IPL hair removal.

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