Organic Jute Face & Body Exfoliating Brush

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Naturally exfoliate your skin ....

The non-chemical exfoliator, gently brush away dead skin cells & toxins with this soft natural face and body brush. Your Orgnaic Jute Face and Body Brush will leave your skin feeling fresh, soft and with a natural glow.

Our Eco Max Brush is registered with The Vegan Society and are ethically handmade in Sri Lanka using 100% natural vegetable fibres.  The Eco Max Body Brush is a plastic free alternative for natural body care, good for you and the planet. Your Eco Max brush is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and ethically hand made from 100% natural, organic and sustainable materials.

Even the timber sealant is non-toxic which means it’s animal and child friendly too. At the end of it’s life, you can put it into the compost bin to breakdown naturally.


A Natural product hand made from ….

  • Natural organic jute
  • Sustainable timber
  • Cotton Cord